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Step-by-Step Guide on Registering Your Discord Server with Alphonse Ai

This guide is designed to guide you step by step in creating a Credential. This is a key element that automates the generation of visuals since Alphonse Ai. Whether you are a digital artist, graphic designer, or simply a technology enthusiast, understanding and implementing these Credentials will allow you to use Alphonse Ai’s interface to create Midjourney visuals.

If you don’t have Discord servers and rooms, follow this guide: Tutorial to create a Discord server for Midjourney.

Understanding Credentials

The Credential is the vital link between Alphonse AI and Discord, acting as a key to a world of creative possibilities. They consist of four essential components:

  1. Name of Credential Keys: This name serves as a unique identifier for each Credential. It helps you easily organize and identify different tokens and Discord channels associated with your projects. Think of it as a distinctive label that allows you to quickly navigate through multiple configurations.
  2. Server ID: Each Discord server has a unique identifier, the Server ID. In the context of Alphonse AI, this number is used to specify on which Discord server the interactions will take place. It’s a bit like a postal address that directs Alphonse AI to the right server to execute your visual generation commands.
  3. Lounge ID: Within a Discord server, different rooms can be dedicated to various activities. The Salon ID identifies the specific salon where Alphonse AI will interact. This allows you to precisely target where the commands will be read and where the generated visuals will be posted.
  4. Token Key: The Token Key is an essential security element. It functions like a password, allowing Alphonse AI to access your Discord account and interact with specified servers and rooms. This key ensures that only authorized people can control the Alphonse AI integration with Discord. Guide to finding your personal Token key.
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Together, these elements form the heart of Credentials, allowing for seamless and secure integration of Alphonse AI with your Discord space. They ensure that your visual generation commands are executed precisely, in the right context, while ensuring the security and confidentiality of your interactions.

Guide to Find Server ID and Lobby ID on Discord

Locating Server ID and Room ID on Discord is a simple but essential procedure for correctly setting up your Credentials in Alphonse Ai.

With a web browser:

Access your server’s lounge, which you wish to use with Alphonse. It is in this room that your visuals will be generated from the Alphonse Ai interface.

Once on the correct channel, examine the URL in the browser and copy the data as follows:
  • SERVER_ID: copy this character string. This is your Server ID.
  • CHANNEL_ID : copy this character string. This is your Channel ID.

With the desktop app:

  1. Access your Discord Server: Log in to Discord and navigate to the affected server.
  2. Find the Server ID:
    • Right-click the server name in the server list.
    • Select ‘Copy ID’ from the context menu. If this option doesn’t appear, make sure Developer Mode is enabled in your user settings under ‘Appearance’.
  3. Locate the Salon ID:
    • In the same server, right-click on the specific channel you want to use.
    • Choose ‘Copy ID’ from the menu

As with Server ID, make sure developer mode is enabled to see this option.

These steps allow you to retrieve the credentials necessary to configure your Credentials. Server ID and Room ID are crucial to precisely directing Alphonse AI’s actions to the desired space on Discord. Once these IDs are successfully integrated into your Credentials, Alphonse AI will be able to interact with your specific server and channel, ensuring that the commands and visuals generated are exactly where you want them.

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Why create a Discord server?

Importance of Creating a Personal Discord Server for Generating Visuals:

  • Ease of Finding Generated Visuals: A personal server on Discord transforms the way you manage your Midjourney creations. In the often cluttered environment of the Midjourney public server, it’s easy to lose sight of your own work. On the other hand, a dedicated server offers a clear and organized space, where each visual you create is immediately accessible and categorized according to your preferences. This means less time spent searching and more time creating.
  • Exclusive and Personalized Access: Creating a personal server gives you absolute control over the confidentiality of your visuals. You decide who can see and interact with your works. This is particularly useful for ongoing or sensitive projects, where discretion is paramount. Plus, it allows you to build a community around your specific interests in design and visual creation.

Tutorial for creating your own Discord server

3 Reasons to create rooms for generating midjourney visuals:

  1. Show by website: A dedicated room for each website for which you generate visuals can greatly improve the organization. For example, if you’re working on visuals for different e-commerce sites, blogs or portfolios, having a separate room for each makes it easy to separate and manage projects. This not only helps keep a clear track of requests and deliverables for each site, but also maintains visual consistency specific to each project.
  2. Salon by visual style: Having shows based on different artistic styles or themes is a great way to categorize your work. For example, you might have one room for abstract visuals, another for realistic designs, and so on. This helps group similar visuals together, making it easy to reference and inspire future projects. Additionally, it can encourage collaboration and idea sharing among members who are interested in similar styles.
  3. Midjourney Test Lounge: A show specifically dedicated to testing and experimenting with Midjourney is essential for creators. Here you can freely test different commands, explore new techniques or adjust settings without disturbing other rooms. It is a space where experimentation and innovation are encouraged, allowing you to discover new creative possibilities with Midjourney and Alphonse AI.
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