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Alphonse AI is designed to revolutionize content creation for WordPress site editors, bloggers, communications managers and marketers. Our SaaS tool offers a range of innovative features that simplify and optimize the creation of visuals and content. Discover how Alphonse AI can transform your workflow and help you gain efficiency and creativity.

With Magic Generator

Generate your visuals in the blink of an eye

With Alphonse AI, creating incredible visuals has never been easier. Thanks to our Magic Generator, you can generate stunning images in just two clicks. Just type or paste a text, and our artificial intelligence takes care of the rest.

AI also offers visual ideas to help you when you run out of inspiration, giving you a constant source of new creative ideas. Say goodbye to hours spent on design software or image banks.

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Automate your WordPress Content

Simplify the management of your WordPress content with our automation functionality. Alphonse AI suggests two visual generation modes to meet your specific needs:

  1. Instant Generation : Select one or more blog articles, and the system analyzes the text to upload tailor-made visuals. In just a few clicks, transform your articles into visually captivating publications.
  2. Automatic Generation : The system analyzes scheduled articles and generates unique visuals overnight, while you sleep. Wake up to published content, without any effort on your part. This feature ensures that your posts are always accompanied by quality visuals, even when you are away from your desk.
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Qualification of Visuals

Alphonse AI also includes a functionality of Qualification of Visuals. Once the images are generated, review and choose the ones that best match your content. If you are not satisfied with a visual, you can select another proposal or regenerate a visual until you get the perfect result. This flexibility allows you to maintain high visual quality for all your articles.

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with Prompt Generator

Coherent Visual Identity

Maintain visual consistency on your WordPress content and strengthen your brand image thanks to the functionality Presets by Alphonse AI. Save your prompts in preset format to give a consistent graphic identity to all your visuals. This feature is perfect for ensuring aesthetic uniformity across all of your publications and reinforcing the visual identity of your brand.

with Prompt Generator

Prompt Generator

Unleash your creativity with our Prompt Generator. This user-friendly tool allows you to create prompts in just a few clicks, giving you exceptional results every time. Whether you’re short on inspiration or looking to explore new ideas, our generator is your indispensable ally.

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with Prompt Generator

Save your Prompts

Never lose a creative idea again with the functionality ofrecording prompts by Alphonse AI. Save your best ideas and reuse them later for maximum productivity. Keep your inspirations close at hand and speed up your creative process.

New Features Coming

Stay tuned ! New features are coming soon to make Alphonse AI even more efficient and meet all your content creation needs. We make updates every week to constantly improve our tool and offer you the most advanced and intuitive features. Don’t miss our next updates!