Terms of Sales

1. Introduction and acceptance of the General Terms and Conditions.

These general conditions of sale (hereinafter referred to as “CGV”) define the terms and conditions applicable to commercial transactions carried out via the “Alphonse Ai” site. These General Terms and Conditions are made available to each customer and user in order to be examined and accepted prior to any conclusion of a contract or transaction on the “Alphonse Ai” site. The stipulations contained in these General Terms and Conditions determine the contractual rights and obligations between “Alphonse Ai” and the customer when purchasing Products on the site. By validating a quote or an order form, and checking the box “I acknowledge having read and accept without reservation the attached general conditions of sale”, the customer confirms his explicit and unconditional agreement with the terms and conditions. set out in these General Terms and Conditions.”

2. Services

Alphonse Ai offers a multitude of services through this platform.

Article 2.1: Generation of prompts

The main tool of “Alphonse Ai” is its prompt generator intended for Midjourney. The user is greeted by a dedicated interface, designed to be both intuitive and efficient. By entering the subject of their choice, the user can compose the prompt according to their needs and preferences.

Once the prompt is composed, several options are made available to the user directly from this interface:

  • Copy of generated prompt : With a single click, the user can copy the prompt for use elsewhere, whether in another application or to share.
  • Saving the prompt : For those who wish to keep their prompts for later use, a save option is available. Saved prompts are stored securely and can be accessed at any time from the user’s account.
  • Image generation : The real magic lies in the tool’s ability to transform the prompt into a visual image. Using the integration with Midjourney, the user can view a generated image based on the composite prompt. This image can then be viewed, saved, shared or embedded depending on the user’s needs.

The generator interface is designed to be user-friendly, allowing even novices to create prompts and generate images effortlessly. Whether for professional, educational needs or simply for creativity, the “Alphonse Ai” prompt generator offers a versatile solution for everyone.

Article 2.2: Saving prompts

The prompt save feature is an essential feature of “Alphonse Ai”, allowing users to save and manage their prompts for later use.

When composing a prompt via the interface, the user has the option to save their work. This option is especially useful for those who want to reuse or edit their prompts in the future without having to recompose them each time.

Saved prompts are stored securely in a dedicated section of the user’s account. This section is easily accessible and provides an overview of all saved prompts, allowing for efficient management. The user can choose to view, edit, delete or even regenerate an image from a saved prompt at any time.

Besides ease of use, the backup function also ensures privacy. “Alphonse Ai” is committed to protecting the privacy of its users, ensuring that saved prompts are only accessible to the respective user and are not shared or used for other purposes.

Saving prompts not only saves time for regular users, but it also provides peace of mind, knowing that their work is kept secure and can be retrieved at any time.

Article 2.3: Customization of the generator (Prompts settings)

Flexibility and customization are at the heart of the user experience offered by “Alphonse Ai”. With the prompt settings feature, users have the ability to customize the generator interface to their specific needs.

  • Customizing the interface : Users can adapt the builder interface to match their preferences or usual workflows. This includes the ability to add, edit or remove tabs, providing smoother and organized navigation.
  • Drop-down lists : For an even more intuitive experience, users can integrate drop-down lists into the interface. These lists can contain predefined or custom options, helping users compose their prompts more quickly and efficiently.
  • Saving settings : All customizations and modifications made to the interface can be saved. This allows users to keep their preferred configuration and use it every time they access the generator.

Article 2.4: API & Credentials

One of the major strengths of “Alphonse Ai” lies in its ability to seamlessly integrate with other platforms and services through its API & Credentials functionality. This feature offers users the ability to extend and amplify the capabilities of “Alphonse Ai” by integrating their own API keys.

  • API key integration : Users can add their personal API keys through a secure interface. Once added, these keys allow “Alphonse Ai” to access and interact with other services or platforms based on the permissions granted by these keys. These keys allow you to perform additional tasks or access external resources.
  • Integration with Discord : One particularly notable feature is the ability to integrate “Alphonse Ai” with Discord. By adding their Discord keys, users allow “Alphonse Ai” to communicate directly with their Discord servers or channels. This can be used to generate and share visuals, receive notifications or even interact with other server members. To use this feature, a Discord account is required.
  • Security and Privacy : “Alphonse Ai” attaches great importance to the security and confidentiality of its users’ data. All added API keys are securely stored and are only used for user-specified functionality. The keys are encrypted in the database, providing additional protection against unauthorized access or compromise. Additionally, users have the ability to manage, update or delete their keys at any time.
  • Prerequisites : To fully benefit from the integration capabilities of “Alphonse Ai”, users must have a Discord account and an active subscription to Midjourney and Openai.

Thanks to the API & Credentials functionality, “Alphonse Ai” becomes much more than a simple prompt generator, offering an integrated and versatile platform that adapts to the specific needs of each user.

Article 2.5: Generation of images

“Alphonse Ai”‘s ability to generate visuals is one of its most appreciated features. However, to take full advantage of this feature, there are certain prerequisites that users must meet.

  • Generation process : After composing a prompt via the “Alphonse Ai” interface, users can request the generation of a corresponding visual. This visual is created using information from the prompt and leveraging Midjourney’s capabilities to produce a high quality image.
  • Prerequisites for generation : In order to generate visuals with “Alphonse Ai”, users must meet two essential conditions:
    1. Discord account : Users must have an active Discord account. This account is used to facilitate communication between “Alphonse Ai” and the user, thus allowing fluid interaction and rapid delivery of the generated visuals.
    2. Midjourney Subscription : Generating high-quality images is made possible thanks to the integration with Midjourney. To access this feature, users must have an active Midjourney subscription.
    3. Openai : Generating images from WordPress may require the use of Artificial Intelligence. Users must have an active subscription and an Openai API key.
  • Access to the service : This service cannot function without entering the API keys & Credentials in the section provided for this purpose.
  • Visual quality : “Alphonse Ai” does not guarantee the quality of the generated visual. It is the user’s responsibility to control each visual.
  • Liability and use : “Alphonse Ai” disclaims any responsibility regarding the excessive use of this image generation service. The rules for generation and automation established by Discord and Midjourney limit excessive use. It is the user’s responsibility to use this service in a “normal” manner. Excessive or abusive use may result in their Discord or Midjourney account being deleted or suspended.
  • Security and Privacy : Just as with other features, “Alphonse Ai” is committed to protecting the privacy of its users. The generated visuals, as well as the associated prompts, are treated with the greatest care to guarantee security and confidentiality. Alphonse Ai reserves the right to use visuals “offered” by “Freemium” members or from “Premium” members, for use for promotional, commercial or external purposes of the service.

By combining the power of “Alphonse Ai” with that of Midjourney, the intelligence of Openai and facilitating communication via Discord, users can achieve impressive visuals that perfectly meet their needs, while respecting the rules and limitations imposed by these platforms.

Article 2.6: Magic Generator

Using this feature, the user can generate visuals by entering a word or paragraph. The tool analyzes the text entered by the user and suggests visual ideas. Several algorithms are available depending on the desired rendering. He is free to modify the suggestions at his leisure and assign a preset to them. The visuals generated by the Magic Generator tool are available for 48 hours in the history.

Article 2.7: History

History is an essential feature of “Alphonse Ai” which offers users the ability to quickly and easily find the visuals they have previously generated.

  • Access to history : The user interface of “Alphonse Ai” includes a dedicated history section, where users can view the visuals they have generated over the last 48 hours.
  • The duration of the conversation : The visuals generated are kept in history for a limited period of 48 hours. This allows users to have temporary access to their recent creations, which can be particularly useful when there is a need for recovery or reference.
  • Automatic deletion : After 48 hours, the visuals are automatically deleted from the server. This measure not only guarantees optimal use of server resources, but it is also in accordance with the privacy policy of “Alphonse Ai”.
  • Conservation policy : “Alphonse Ai” undertakes not to keep users’ generation history for more than 48 hours. This policy aims to protect users’ privacy and ensure that their creations are not stored indefinitely on “Alphonse Ai” servers.

History is designed to provide users with a convenient way to find their recent visuals while maintaining strict privacy and security standards.

Article 2.8: Presets

Presets are an advanced feature offered by “Alphonse Ai”, designed to facilitate the integration of generated prompts in a WordPress CMS environment.

  • Definition of presets : Presets are predefined configurations created from prompts saved by users in the dedicated interface of “Alphonse Ai”. These configurations allow quick and efficient use of prompts in a WordPress CMS.
  • Integration with the WordPress plugin “Alphonse Ai” : To use the presets, users must have installed and configured the “Alphonse Ai” WordPress plugin on their site. This plugin is designed to work in conjunction with presets, allowing for seamless integration of prompts into the CMS.
  • Creating presets : Presets are created from prompts saved by users. The user has the possibility to convert any saved prompt into a preset for use outside the “Alphonse Ai” SaaS interface.
  • Use outside the SaaS interface : Presets give users the flexibility to use their prompts outside of the “Alphonse Ai” SaaS interface. This is particularly useful for those who want to integrate their prompts directly into their WordPress site without having to go through the interface each time.
  • Installation and configuration : To fully benefit from the advantages of presets, the user must ensure that they have correctly installed and configured the “Alphonse Ai” WordPress plugin on their site. Once this step is accomplished, using the presets becomes child’s play, allowing seamless integration of prompts into site content.

Presets are an innovative solution proposed by “Alphonse Ai” to extend the capabilities of the tool and offer users greater flexibility in the use of their prompts.

Article 2.9: Add Image to your WordPress Post

SaaS allows users to connect their WordPress sites, to generate images and update articles (post). This functionality uses the REST API system of the WordPress CMS.

  • Bulk : The user can decide to update the articles on a site by inserting visuals, after having selected them.
  • Auto Schedule: The user can activate this option so that Alphonse illustrates the articles on a WordPress site meeting the following statuses: planned article and without featured image. Every night a CRON task comes to check the contents to be processed.
  • Using presets: For each site, it is possible to assign a preset for the featured image, and another preset for the images at the heart of the articles.
  • WordPress history: The user can view the images generated and added to the WordPress sites within 2 days. After this date, you cannot qualify the visuals from the interface.
  • User Responsibility : It is essential to check the visuals generated and inserted on WordPress sites. It is the user’s responsibility to check the consistency between the content of the site and the visual uploaded to the CMS.

Article 2.10: The WordPress plugin (Not available at the moment).

The “Alphonse Ai” WordPress plugin is an extension designed to facilitate the integration of “Alphonse Ai” services directly into websites built with the WordPress CMS. It provides a gateway between the SaaS interface of “Alphonse Ai” and the user’s WordPress site, allowing fluid and transparent use of the functionalities of “Alphonse Ai”.

  • Prerequisites for operation : For the plugin to work correctly, the user must enter their API keys & Credentials in the SaaS interface provided for this purpose. It is imperative to fulfill the conditions stipulated in article 2.4 to guarantee the proper functioning of the plugin.
  • General Conditions of Use of the API and third-party services : The use of the WordPress plugin “Alphonse Ai” is intrinsically linked to the General Conditions of Use of the API of the Alphonse Ai service, as well as to the conditions of third-party services, in particular Openai, Midjourney & Discord. By using the plugin, the user agrees to respect not only these conditions, but also those of the services with which the Company is connected. Any violation of these terms may result in consequences, including suspension or removal of access to the plugin and associated services.
  • User Responsibility : Although the plugin facilitates the integration of “Alphonse Ai” services into WordPress, data backup and secure connection management are the exclusive responsibility of the user. It is essential that the user takes the necessary steps to minimize the risks associated with using the plugin and connecting to the API.
  • Installation and configuration : The plugin can be downloaded from the official WordPress plugin directory or directly from the “Alphonse Ai” site. Once installed, some initial configuration is required to link the plugin to the user’s “Alphonse Ai” account.
  • Preset integration : Thanks to the plugin, the presets created in the “Alphonse Ai” interface can be easily imported and used in the WordPress CMS. This allows users to generate and display visuals based on their saved prompts directly from the WordPress admin interface.
  • Automatic update : The plugin is regularly updated to include new features, improvements and bug fixes. Users are encouraged to keep their plugin updated to benefit from the latest improvements.
  • Security : Safety is a priority for “Alphonse Ai”. The WordPress plugin has been designed following security best practices to ensure that user data remains protected and the site is not compromised.
  • Support and documentation : Extensive documentation is provided with the plugin to help users install, configure and use it. Additionally, customer support is available to answer any questions or concerns related to using the plugin.

The “Alphonse Ai” WordPress plugin is an essential tool for all “Alphonse Ai” users who want to easily integrate the platform’s features into their WordPress site, providing an improved user experience and greater flexibility in content creation .

3. Third Party Tools and Related Responsibilities

Article 3.1 – Interaction with Openai and Responsibilities

“Alphonse Ai” leverages Openai, an AI technology designed by OpenAI, to refine and process visual requests before sending them to Midjourney.

As a gateway, “Alphonse Ai” sends user requests to Openai without intervening in the processing or improvement process by Openai. Users should be aware that “Alphonse Ai” cannot ensure the perfection or accuracy of the improvement made by Openai. In addition, the use of this service must comply with Openai’s general conditions of use.

“Alphonse Ai” reserves the right to suspend or modify the services that depend on Openai or to choose another improvement tool. These changes may affect the quality of the services offered by “Alphonse Ai”.

Openai is used in accordance with the OpenAI rules, available here:

Article 3.2 – Interaction with Midjourney and Responsibilities

“Alphonse Ai” uses the Midjourney image service to respond to visual requests.

As a gateway, “Alphonse Ai” sends requests to Midjourney without intervening in the image creation process. Users should be aware that “Alphonse Ai” cannot ensure the perfection of the images created by Midjourney. Additionally, use of this service must comply with Midjourney’s terms and conditions of use.

“Alphonse Ai” reserves the right to suspend or modify the services that depend on Midjourney or to choose another image generation service provider. These changes may influence the quality of the services provided by “Alphonse Ai”.

Midjourney is used in accordance with its rules:

Article 3.3 – Interaction with Discord and Responsibilities

Communication between “Alphonse Ai” and Midjourney is ensured by Discord.

“Alphonse Ai” has no control over Discord and is not responsible for technical issues on Discord. Users should be aware that problems on Discord are the responsibility of Discord, not “Alphonse Ai”. Additionally, use of this service must comply with Discord’s terms of use.

“Alphonse Ai” reserves the right to suspend or modify services that depend on Discord or to choose another communication platform. These modifications may have an impact on the quality of the services delivered by “Alphonse Ai”.

Discord is used in accordance with its rules:

4. Compliance of Generated Images

The use of the “Alphonse Ai” service is subject to strict rules regarding the nature of the images generated. Users are strictly prohibited from creating, soliciting or promoting images that:

  • Encourage or depict illegal behavior.
  • Are defamatory or damage the reputation of any person or entity.
  • Convey messages of hatred, discrimination or prejudice against an individual or group based on their race, religion, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, gender, age, disability or any other characteristic.
  • Depict or encourage violence, cruelty or any harmful act towards individuals or animals.
  • Are sexually explicit or violate modesty.
  • Are likely to shock, offend or disturb the public’s sensitivity.

Users must also ensure that generated images and created queries comply with the terms and conditions of use of third-party services, including Openai, Discord and Midjourney. Requests that do not respect these conditions may be filtered and not processed by “Alphonse Ai”.

It is the responsibility of each user to ensure that the images generated do not violate any copyright, trademark, image right or any other intellectual property right. By using the service, the user agrees to release “Alphonse Ai” from any liability in the event of a dispute linked to the non-compliance of the images generated.

Any breach of these rules may result in the suspension or termination of access to the “Alphonse Ai” service. In addition, “Alphonse Ai” reserves the right to refuse or delete any image that does not comply with these guidelines, without notice or justification.

“Alphonse Ai” declines all responsibility in the event of the generation of visuals which do not comply with these General Conditions of Sale (CGV). It is up to the user to ensure that the images generated comply with these conditions.

Article 4.1: Quality of Generated Visuals

The quality of the visuals generated by the “Alphonse Ai” service depends largely on the prompts provided by the user. Although “Alphonse Ai” strives to provide a quality service, the relevance, accuracy and conformity of the visuals generated are intrinsically linked to the information and instructions provided by the user in the form of prompts.

“Alphonse Ai” disclaims all responsibility in the event of generated visuals which do not conform to the expectations or wishes of the user. It is up to the user to take the time to create, adjust and optimize their prompts in order to obtain quality visuals.

Users are recommended to test and adjust their prompts as necessary to achieve the desired results. “Alphonse Ai” cannot guarantee user satisfaction with regard to the generated visuals, and cannot be held responsible for any possible dissatisfaction related to the quality or relevance of the images produced.

Article 4.2: Deliverability and Formats of Visuals

The deliverability of the visuals generated by “Alphonse Ai” depends mainly on the third-party services with which we collaborate. Although we strive to provide a fast and efficient service, there may be times when delivery of visuals encounters problems, is delayed, or requires a longer generation time than expected, in some cases exceeding several minutes.

It is essential for users to download the generated visuals within a period not exceeding 48 hours. After this period, “Alphonse Ai” automatically deletes the visuals from its servers for security and storage space management reasons. Users must therefore ensure that they recover their images within the allotted time to avoid any loss.

Concerning the visual formats, it should be noted that the images generated via the “Alphonse Ai” SaaS are in PNG format, offering optimal image quality with preserved transparency. On the other hand, for maximum compatibility with the WordPress CMS, the visuals are provided in JPG format, which is widely recognized and supported by most web tools and services.

“Alphonse Ai” cannot be held responsible for possible delays or problems with the deliverability of visuals, these constraints being often linked to factors beyond our control and relating to third-party services.

5. Acquisition of Rights to Images Generated by Artificial Intelligence

Images generated by artificial intelligence, due to their non-human origin, cannot claim protection under intellectual property. Consequently, once an image is generated and the user has made the agreed payment, all rights to use this image are fully transferred to the user, in accordance with the provisions of these General Conditions of Sale.

However, although the user acquires the rights to use the image, “Alphonse Ai” retains the right to reproduce, use and distribute these images for the purpose of promoting its services and its brand. This use by “Alphonse Ai” is carried out without financial compensation for the user and does not require their prior consent.

It is therefore understood that the user benefits from total freedom to use the image, but that “Alphonse Ai” can also use it for promotional purposes, without this giving rise to any compensation or rights. gaze from the user.

In addition, it is specified that visuals generated from “freemium” and “premium” accounts can be used by “Alphonse Ai” for commercial or promotional purposes. This clause applies regardless of the user’s subscription status, and the latter acknowledges and accepts this condition when using the service.

Article 5.1: Respect for Intellectual Property Rights

It is essential to specify that “Alphonse Ai” does not guarantee the absence of copyright, trademarks or other intellectual property rights associated with the names, emblems, logos, designs, works of art, architecture or other elements that could appear on the product visuals.

Therefore, before using or distributing images from our service, the user must ensure that they do not violate any rights associated with these elements. If specific permissions or licenses are required for certain image content, it is the user’s responsibility to obtain them.

“Alphonse Ai” cannot be held responsible for potential violations of intellectual property rights by users. It is therefore essential that each user acts with caution and informs himself properly before using the images for professional or personal purposes.

6. Prices and Services

The services offered by “Alphonse Ai” are subject to prices which may change depending on strategic decisions, operational costs, market developments or any other consideration determined by “Alphonse Ai”.

It is therefore possible that the prices currently in effect may be modified, increased or decreased without notice. Likewise, new services may be introduced at specific rates, while some existing services may be discontinued or have their pricing adjusted.

In addition to price changes, “Alphonse Ai” reserves the right to modify, add or delete services offered at any time. These changes may include, but are not limited to, adjustments in functionality, the introduction of new offerings or the removal of existing services.

Users are recommended to regularly consult the section dedicated to prices and services on the “Alphonse Ai” site or platform to keep informed of possible developments. Continuing use of the service after the announcement or implementation of price or service changes constitutes acceptance of these changes by the user.

7. Modification of the Service or the General Conditions of Sale

“Alphonse Ai” reserves the right to modify, adjust, interrupt or terminate all or part of its service at any time, without notice. These changes may include, but are not limited to, adjustments to the functionality offered, the integration of new tools or the removal of certain services.

Likewise, “Alphonse Ai” may occasionally revise and update these General Conditions of Sale (CGV). These modifications will come into force as soon as they are published on the “Alphonse Ai” site or platform. It is the user’s responsibility to regularly consult the T&Cs in order to keep informed of possible modifications. Continued use of the service after the publication of modifications constitutes acceptance of these changes by the user.

In the event that one of the clauses of these General Terms and Conditions is declared null or inapplicable by a court decision, all other clauses will remain in force. “Alphonse Ai” also reserves the right to transfer or assign these General Terms and Conditions, as well as all rights and licenses granted, to third parties without requiring the prior consent of the user.

8. Legal Capacity of the User

To use the services offered by “Alphonse Ai”, the user must have the necessary legal capacity to conclude contracts under the law applicable in their country of residence. If the user is a natural person, this generally means that he or she must be of legal age and not be under guardianship or curatorship. If the User is a legal entity, it must be duly constituted and registered in accordance with the legislation of its country of origin.

Minors or any person without legal capacity are strictly prohibited from using the services of “Alphonse Ai” without the consent and supervision of a legal guardian or legal representative.

By accessing or using the services of “Alphonse Ai”, the user declares and guarantees that he has the legal capacity necessary to accept and respect these General Conditions of Sale. Any access or use of the services by a person who does not have legal capacity is considered unauthorized and “Alphonse Ai” reserves the right to take all necessary measures, including legal ones, against such persons.

9. Customer Service

“Alphonse Ai” is committed to offering quality customer service, intended to answer questions, resolve problems and support users in using the services offered.

  1. Availability : Customer service is accessible by email, live chat on our website, or via the contact form available on our platform. Our teams strive to respond as quickly as possible, generally within 48 working hours.
  2. Skill : Our customer service is trained to answer a wide range of questions, whether technical, pricing or relating to the use of our services. If a question requires specific expertise, it will be forwarded to the relevant department.
  3. Feedback : “Alphonse Ai” values ​​feedback from its users. If you have any suggestions, comments or criticism, please do not hesitate to share them with our customer service. Your feedback helps us continually improve our services.
  4. Confidentiality : All interactions with our customer service are treated with the strictest confidentiality. Personal or sensitive information is never shared with third parties without the user’s explicit consent.
  5. Dispute resolution : In case of disagreement or dispute, we encourage our users to contact our customer service first. We will endeavor to find an amicable solution before considering other remedies.

Please note that opening hours and customer service availability may vary depending on public holidays, exceptional events or operational constraints. We recommend that our users regularly check our website or platform for the most up-to-date information regarding our customer service.

10. Competent Court

In the event of a dispute arising from the use of the services of “Alphonse Ai” or from these General Conditions of Sale, and in the absence of an amicable agreement between the parties, the dispute will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the place of headquarters. social of “Alphonse Ai”.

The user acknowledges and accepts that, before initiating any legal action, he will endeavor to resolve the dispute amicably, in particular by contacting our customer service to try to find a solution satisfactory to both parties.

These General Conditions of Sale are governed and interpreted in accordance with the law of the country of the head office of “Alphonse Ai”, without regard to the principles of conflicts of law.

The user also acknowledges that, by accepting these General Conditions of Sale, he expressly waives any other forum or jurisdiction which might otherwise be available.